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Our training program includes “All About Fashion Supply Chain” public workshops, “Understand Your Supply Chain” private courses, and “Meet Your Supply Chain” on-site tours


We work with you to study your specific supply chain case and recommend solutions to either optimise your current supply chain or design the most effective new supply chain for you


With our sourcing services, we screen, evaluate and negotiate with suppliers on behalf of our clients


Each piece of apparel is proudly Made by Langsey in the ethical, sustainable and transparent Langsey Way

In the modern economy, where retail companies have reached their bottleneck on the market side, we believe an innovative and efficient supply chain is the best way to create new value. And by ensuring that your supply chain is ethical, sustainable and transparent, you can help to promote a more socially responsible world.


Li Zhang , Director of Langsey Company

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Address: Suite 431, 1 Queens Road, Melbourne, VIC 3004
Phone: +61 402 279 257

Address: Suite 1513, Building 2, No.268, Jiqingmen Street, Nanjing, China 210019
Phone: +86 186 0619 7016